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CEO Rod Jamieson makes connection with Overseas investor

image ... Invention on its way to an international partnership in 2018 ...

Rod Jamieson CEO of Fortunetwork has spent 15 years from conception to completion of a prototype model in readiness for launching on to the global marketplace.

Said Rod Jamieson ” As a second time inventor of a unique product, I can honestly say it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. So much thought and trial has gone into this in order to get it to the beginning of its journey! It is exciting however that all that work developing my product has been recognised already by a businessman Overseas, as one with massive potential, and this is a connection that would never of happened had it not been for the introduction to a social media platform from one of the members of Fortunetwork. The businessman is willing to invest heavily into the Patenting of the media product and following that to further ensure it has all possible exposure to as wide a global market as possible. I expect that in 2018 the business will walk steadily and carefully and the manufacturing base in Scotland will benefit from the orders it will inevitably field.”

Watch this space in 2018!