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Contract Wins Boost G5 Growth Plans


Aberdeen-based IT firm, G5 Technologies Ltd has reported a strong finish to its financial year by securing £200,000 of new business last month September 2011

Some of the new work includes the provision of IT support and hardware to The Property Management Company and Initiative2, as well as winning overseas contracts with existing client Northern Offshore

Managing director Steve Brand said: “We are excited about the opportunity to further extend our support model to Northern Offshore’s global operations in Houston and Singapore to unify their IT infrastructure. We have worked closely with them over the past 3 years, providing proactive 24 hour IT support and we look forward to working with them as their trusted IT advisors.

We are delighted to have secured these contracts in what has been a pretty tough economic climate and as a result we will be looking to employ another engineer to complement our existing team. This looks promising for our growth plans and our projected turnover for the coming financial year is £1 million”.

Established in 2004, G5 employ 11 staff in Aberdeen and 2 in Cape Town, South Africa and specialise in providing offshore and onshore IT support to a range of industries from the oil and gas sector to hospitality.

August 2011

Office 365 to stand out from the cloud ...

We are all aware of the numerous versions of Microsoft software that have been released over the years but did anyone actually expect we could be persuaded to join the cloud this soon?

The much awaited release of Office 365 in April 2011 has been described as the ““biggest shift in computing since the move to graphical interfaces a generation ago”.  The release sees Microsoft build upon its previous cloud offerings – BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) and Office Web Apps to ensure their share of the market.

After many months of work and huge financial investment, Office 365 is Microsoft’s new portfolio of cloud-based desktop applications. So what can users expect from Microsoft Office 365 and will it have you reaching for the clouds?

What is Microsoft Office 365?
Over the years, Microsoft hasn’t done too badly out of selling its software solutions and netting the odd billion. But these days, the big news in IT solutions is cloud computing – that’s software applications hosted by remote servers over the Internet.

Steve Brand, director of G5 Technologies Ltd explains: “Instead of having the traditional server with email and shared files and a pc with a copy of office on it, the majority of your office IT requirements can be “rented” monthly from Microsoft over the internet. 365 includes:
• Email and Calendar
• SharePoint for sharing files
• Office Web apps for sharing files with people that don’t have a copy of office
• Lync for instant messaging

Rather than a hefty one-off cost for server hardware, users subscribe to the service on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis. It may be that you require 15 licenses this month but, say, only 10 next month. Not a problem. You purchase exactly what you need as you go along.  This should see a significant reduction in cost for SME’s as they won’t have the huge initial outlay of a server and related software”.

No more lengthy software installs
Steve goes on to explain: “Setting up a new employee will no longer mean having to install vast amounts of software and updates. As long as they have an Internet connection, users are ready to go”.

Always up-to-date
“With Office 365 you will always have the latest product versions without ever needing to run software updates yourself. One of the beauties of cloud-based products is that updates are run across the host’s platform with no need for the user to lift a finger”.

Accessible any time anywhere
“This also means accessibility from pretty much anywhere. Office 365 is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, iPhones and so on, making working on the move a doddle – if you have connection to the Internet; you have access to Office 365”.

“There is the argument that if you have no internet connection you have no access to your files which is true but with Microsoft guaranteeing uptime of 99.9%,even if your internet connection goes down at work, you can nip along to your local Starbucks, home or anywhere that has an internet connection and access your files and emails”.

Flexible pricing
When considering the appropriateness of Microsoft 365 for you or your business, you’ll no doubt be looking at cost. The good news is that, whilst prices are yet to be confirmed, it is expected that 365 will come in significantly lower than BPOS’s pricing. The latter specified a minimum license purchase of 5, with BPOS starting at £6.72 per licence per month. So with Google’s free offering of the user-friendly Docs and its business version, Apps, costing just £33 per year (available on individual subscription), it seemed like a no-brainer.

Microsoft Office 365 is seeking to address this imbalance, and it is thought there will be no minimum license purchase necessary. Instead, is likely that businesses will need only to pay for what they actually require - great news for SMEs.

To conclude, Steve says: “At the moment, if you rely on business applications such as Sage or any SQL based application, you will still need an on-premise server to run it but Microsoft are making it pretty clear that the Cloud is the route they want to go down. I’m quite sure that within 4 years, even these applications will be hosted in the cloud”.

Based in Westhill, G5 Technologies are an IT consultancy firm that specialise in the Oil and Gas sector. If you would like further information on the best IT options for your company, please contact 01224 443896 or

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