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Fortunetwork 2018 For Business owners

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In 2018 Fortunetwork plans to further grow it’s business membership for the mutual benefit of all.

Membership is FREE! That’s right all you need to qualify is a friendly personality and be a business owner!

If you are looking to have questions answered about your business and want to work with people who actually have no hidden agendas, then Fortunetwork is the right breakfast meeting for you.

We have been developing this style of networking since 2008 which is unique and guess what, it works!

We meet every second Friday and move meetings around during the Holidays to suit.

There is No pressure, very relaxed informal gathering and nothing but a friendly environment.

If you want to be a part of it, you’ve got to take part!

Call Rod Jamieson for details - 07850 936 045.

A year of good Fortune awaits us

We look forward to welcoming all members to the first meeting of the year in Glasgow on 17th January 2014 at The Hotel du Vin, 1 Devonshire Gardens.

All Members from all Regions are as always welcome.

Each Member must bring one joke and one topic of interest to discuss.

All Members will enjoy a cooked breakfast of their choosing from a huge Menu of quality foods.

One Member will be the subject of our focus.

See you soon.

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Glasgow & Edinburgh 2013

We have had a superb year in 2013 with many interesting views, solutions and developments.

From critical eye focus groups to news for business our fellow Members are thriving.

Edinburgh continues in its determination to find more of the right minded business people to help with its mission statement in being “One of the most effective FREE Business Club knowledge transfer and support Networks.”

Glasgow is following suit but likes to think of itself as projecting “a Club for discerning and knowledgable fellows.”

What is so good about the Network is that each region is unuiquely different and welcoming to enthusiastic business owners.

We welcomed Alan Groom on board - a Man with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Next month promises to be interesting and rewarding with some new people joining us.

Glasgow - June 7th 2013

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An absolutely brilliant meeting today with great fun and interesting conversation.

We had an update from Bruce on global branding which was both shocking and yet brilliant - a real eye opener to us all and a clear insight as to what is happening in the market place today.

Things are becoming more complex in terms of marketing your name or building a new concept and letting the world know about it.

Simon shared with us an hilarious account of a viral marketing video plan he is developing and boy did we laugh!

Further conversations included opportunities for potential joint collaboration and investments, on line eCommerce and technology advances.

Plans for a new Fortunetwork online shop were also discussed.

See you in a fortnight folks.

Edinburgh - May 15th & 29th 2013

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We have commenced our programme of highlighting a members’ business at our meetings to have an explanation from that member of their activity and future plans.

This has given us a valuable insight into what progress is being made by our members individually.

This is a positive experience for all concerned.

It was great to hear about the progress Graham Casey has made and how his additional new venture is moving forward very well.

In an age where business is tough it seems that all Members in Fortunetwork are not struggling at all - could it be that our time spent is worthwhile - the evidence speaks for itself I feel.

We also have spen time discussing how we are going to now grow the group with more quality business owners and that means marketing ourselves over the coming months.

If you are a business who wants to join a very strong and successful group then get in touch - Please do call us - Ask for Rod 07850 936 045 and he will organize your visit.