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Glasgow May 10th & 24th 2013

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We had an invigorating meetings on both the 10th & 24th this month and were delighted to welcome new faces into our forum on both occasions.

An entrepreneur and business owner came to us specifically to get ideas and help with his 33 year old business which over the last few years had been faced with very challenging times.

We were delighted to be able to help him with suggestions, practical advice and opportunities in abundance.

As usual our meetings were rewarding as we all felt we were initiating what we set up Fortunetwork to do - namely help struggling businesses as well as growing businesses to get back on track or improve performance.

Our critical eye business development program will continue to be the route we intend to grow Fortunetwork membership, so if you want free advice and help or want to be a part of what we are doing please do come to one of our meetings and find out for yourself.

If you want to have the best breakfast in Edinburgh and Glasgow then call us on 07850 936 045.