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Venue: Hotel du Vin, Glasgow
Fri, 23 Feb, 2018 5:57 am
Hotel du Vin, Glasgow
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Venue: Malmaison, Edinburgh

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Fishing Invitation

Venue: Selmmuir Trout Fishery

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Golf at Dundonald Links


Sporting Event
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Fortunetwork Meetings are strictly by invitation only.
If you are interested in attending a meeting please contact us.

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Next ... Visitors Morning Event


Presenting Speakers Lesley McLuskey & David Reilly



Lesley McLuskey - Billmar Franchise & Business Consulting.

I enjoyed a successful career over a period of 28 years in the Financial Services Industry working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. I have helped many businesses at all stages in their life cycle, from start up mode to expansion/franchising and ultimately protection of their assets and profits.
I held senior management positions in sales, operations, change and distribution and was Operations Director of a fast- growing business within a major global organisation.
I now run my own business, Billmar Franchise & Business Consulting.
As a Franchise Consultant I have helped a number of business owners develop their franchise business. This includes;
Feasibility study
Preparing the core business for franchising
Development of the Franchise system and documentation
Development of Recruitment strategy and ultimately recruiting their franchisees
Franchisee support and performance improvement

Within the business consulting part of the business I help business owners develop business plans and strategies to achieve their business goals. I also work with them on an ongoing basis to ensure successful execution of their plans.
Over the years I have taken on both Coach and Mentoring roles to help individuals with career and business challenges and goals.

I am also on the board of Shopmobility East Kilbride & District. This is a voluntary role which I took on last year to help them develop and implement strategies that will move them from operating as a “fund receiving” charity to a self sufficient service provider. 


David Reilly - Create Ts and Cs

Our Ethos – Create Ts and Cs maintain that Business Contract Services should be more accessible to Start Up and SME sized businesses at a competitive price.  We supply a completed contract solution for a fixed price; we believe our approach is in-line with Start up and SME business requirements. This business model allows us to offer a bespoke cost effective solutions relevant to our clients needs.
We began as Translate IT Contract, starting life as a sole trader in February 2009, working with Software and IT businesses across Scotland and the North of England reviewing IT terms and conditions and drafting bespoke IT/Software contracts.  In June 2009, Translate IT Contract became Translate IT Contract Ltd as we expanded and worked with a greater range of clients.
In September 2009, due to the volume of terms of conditions, we then decided to trade as Create Ts and Cs;  We still work with Specialist IT, Software companies but expanded our services to work with general business and particularly Web based businesses offering both online and offline Contract Services to a variety of sectors including Medical, Events, Marketing, PR, Financial Services, Engineering, Fashion Design, Retail, Graphic Design, charities, manufacturing and general business services.
In Jan 2010 we launched a service for exisiting clients to assist them negotiate with their clients, particularly larger clients and helping them position their terms and conditions as part of the negotiation.
We have built relationships with Partner Companies all over the UK and these companies based on a shared ethos offer fixed priced or performance realted services to our clients.
The business has grown since February 2009 and we work with Clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester and London.

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Please note we are organizing outings and details will be released shortly ...

Fortunetwork Fishermen and Fisherwomen Venue Selmmuir Trout Fishery, Livingston.


At ... Dundonald Links ... Are you up to the challenge? ...

Followed by - Dalmahoy & Haggs Castle



Costs to be agreed and will include Coffee, Tea & Bacon Rolls on arrival & Sandwiches & Soup at the end of play!

Team One:

1) Rod Jamieson -  Fortunetwork - CEO
2) Pending
3) Pending
4) Kenny McDonach - McDonach IT

Team Two:

1) Bruce Macaulay -  6274 - M.D.
2) Pending
3) Raymond Foster
4) Pending

Team Three:

1) Pending
2) Pending
3) Pending
4) Pending

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Thursday Morning - A relaxed Golf Networking Event

Golf Introductions at the driving Range: 10.30 am - 11.00 am

Practice putting - Mini competition for longest hole in one!
(Winner buys the drinks!)

Format is Texas Scramble - Rules explained on the day

Golfing aim - to be with Starter for - 11.35 am -
“T” Off to be arranged around 11.40 am

Prizes: Nearest the pin, Longest Drive, Lowest Team Score
(Winners collect the silverware - The Fortunetwork Challenge Cup)

Enjoy the Golf and then afterwards make some more great connections!

Fortunetwork is a mindset - A Positive approach to developing business.

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I like the concept - businesses working together for the mutual benefit of everyone involved! - Hawk Halldor